Booking and Ticketing and Carer Tickets

If you have accessibility requirements and wish to attend a show at 229, please contact the venue prior to purchasing tickets. We only have limited capacity to accommodate wheelchair users, so if you have not made prior contact with the venue and we are already at our limit, then you may be denied access. We are happy to offer authorised carers a complimentary ticket. All wheel chair users must come with a carer.

Getting inside the venue

There is a doorway, which gives you access to a lift, which can take you into the basement venue. Please make yourself known to Security at the Venue entrance and they will arrange for you to be escorted into the premises. Anyone with a disability will be offered priority entry (queue jumping!)

Inside 229

We do not have a designated viewing area, however, we do prefer to position wheelchair users directly in front of the mixing desk, which is positioned to one side. The stage is high and therefore viewing is good and there are great sight lines to the stage from any position in the venue. It is important that wheelchair users do not block any fire exits or public walkways.


The smoking area is upstairs on the ground floor at the main entrance. If a person using a wheelchair wants to go outside to smoke, please notify a member of security or other staff member and arrangements will be made to use the lift, back to ground floor level.

Accessible Toilet & Bar

We have disabled toilets for both Venue 1 and Venue 2 on the same level as the main viewing areas. The bars are also on the same level. We also have a public bar on the ground level with another accessible toilet near the smoking area.

Large Groups

We try and accommodate everyone’s requirements. If someone has accessibility requirements and is with a large group of people we will try and keep the group together however it may not be in the designated accessible viewing area. Large groups are strongly encouraged to call in advance to make arrangements.

Evacuation Policy

All our security, stewards and porters are trained to know how to assist disabled customers in case of emergency. We ask that anyone in a wheelchair returns to the lift lobby area with their carer, where they will be assisted and lifted up to ground floor level or alternatively directed to a designated “Safe Area”.

People with Photosensitive Epilepsy

We use strobe and flashing lighting in the venue and if you need further information about this please ring the venue on 0207 631 8379 and ask to speak to a manager regarding the specific show.


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