Following the recent announcement by Government, we are delighted that 229 will re-open at full capacity from the 19th July. 

We look forward to welcoming back all our live music, club promoters and clients who have suffered immensely over the past 16 months. We can’t wait for all the bands, artists, performers and DJ’s to grace our stages once again, supported by our freelance sound engineers, lighting engineers, crew and security who we can’t wait to work with again. And of course, we are very excited to have our loyal and supportive customers back, at full capacity in our venues. 

We are very mindful that COVID has not gone away and it is still very much amongst us. We as venue operators will do all we can to mitigate the risk of further spread of the virus on our premises and we are very committed to protecting the safety and interests of our staff as well as all artists, bands, crew and promoters and our customers as we grow our business once more. We will therefore be committing to keep a level of COVID safe measures in place: 

  • We will continue to provide sanitiser on entry and at other points around the venue. 
  • We will continue our robust cleaning regime, regularly cleaning and sanitising our wash room facilities and all touchpoints. 
  • We will fog all our spaces on a regular basis and after each event. 
  • We have good quality air ventilation system installed in all of our spaces. 
  • Contactless payment is encouraged. 
  • All our staff will continue to wear facemasks whilst at work and protective screens will remain at the bars. 
  • Our staff will undertake regular Lateral Flow Testing. 

 We will not be adopting a policy whereby you have to show proof of testing, certification or a vaccination passport in order to gain entry to any of our events. We appreciate that certain age demographics are still unable to access the full vaccination programme and it is not for us to exclude anyone from the chance to get back to some kind of ‘normality’. 

 However, we would be very grateful for everyone’s co-operation when visiting 229 and we recommend that you do everything you can to make sure you personally are not infectious. 

We just ask you to adhere to a few simple points: 

  • Please do not travel to the venue if you have recently tested positive for COVID or you feel unwell and/or have symptoms of COVID. 
  • If you are able to undertake regular Lateral Flow Testing or take a test prior to coming to the venue, this would be appreciated. 
  • Please get vaccinated if you are eligible. 

 We will not be enforcing any of the above and we will not be checking on the door, but we do believe these are the responsible steps to take and in doing so, shows respect and a duty of care to one another. 

 We appreciate your co-operation on all of the above and cannot wait to see you back at 229. 

 Thank you. 

 Team 229