Venue 1

Venue 1 Factsheet


Venue 1: Load-in via back of stage fire exit, (Park Crescent Mews ) one flight of stairs direct to stage or key operated lifts from ground floor then push to venue.

Venue Dimensions

Room Size – 15m x 15m | Ceiling Height – 5m | Stage Height – 1.5m
Working stage dimensions: width 9.0m (29ft) | height 1.5m (5ft) | depth 5m (16ft) to 8m (26ft) | clearance 4m (13ft)
Drum Riser: 2m x 2m, height 0.46m(1.5ft)

Additional risers available on request

Additional Power

63amp 1 phase x 1 / 16amp 1 phase x 2 / 63amp 3 phase (for additional lighting)

Sound Limiter

Formula sound sentry environmental noise control unit, linked to back stage fire exit. [110DBA]


d&b Q SYSTEM flown and under stage, controlled by DIGIDESIGN VENUE SC48 Console
Supports studio-quality audio plug-ins and Pro Tools LE® integration
(Pro Tools LE software included).

FOH Control

Mixer position: Back left corner of venue.
DIGIDESIGN VENUE SC48 CONSOLE: software version:2.8
Tascam CD-01 PRO CD Player
Klark Teknik DN 360 dual 31 band graphic equaliser
d&b R1 Remote Control software

FOH speakers:

Main hangs flown in real stereo

d&b Q16
d&b Q102
Amplification: d&b D12 amps3
Subs: D&B J-Sub (cardioid mode) 6

In addition to the main L-R Line Array:
2x D&B YP10 run on a D&B D6 amplifier and used as delays for the back of the concert hall


7 separate mixes available

d&b MAX 12s wedges7
Drumfill: d&b C7 sub + D&B C4 top1
Amplification: d&b D12 amps4